Laser for leaky bladder

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cosmetic MD, we have a revolutionary laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence - the Incontilase.

The IncontiLase is a painless, non-invasive walk-in, walk-out procedure for the treatment of mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Clinical studies have shown that the treatment is easily tolerated, effective, and safe.

cosmetic MD’s physician Dr Hooi was trained by the original researchers of this procedure in Slovenia in 2015 and is proud to be able to offer this treatment for his patients.

at cosmetic MD featured in Good Health August 2017.


How does IncontiLase work?

Firstly, one has to understand how SUI occurs. A more detailed explanation can be found below.

Basically, SUI occurs when activities which suddenly increase the pressure inside the abdomen such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, running or jumping overcomes the ability of the bladder and its supporting tissues to keep urine inside the bladder. The result is urine leaking out of the urethra which is the tube through which you pass urine.

It is thought that SUI occurs when the supporting structures of the bladder become weak through stretching during childbirth, ageing or with other conditions.

In the Incontilase™ treatment, the laser gently heats the vaginal tissue. This stimulates collagen remodelling, the growth of new collagen in the area of the front vaginal wall where the urethra is situated.

The result of stimulating collagen is shrinkage and tightening of the vaginal tissue subsequently giving greater support to the bladder and the return of normal urinary function.

What are the advantages of Incontilase?

The advantages of IncontiLase™ compared to conventional surgery procedures.

  • No incisions, cutting or bleeding
  • Safe, quick and easy
  • No downtime or pain relief required
  • No anaesthesia needed
  • No antibiotics required
  • No invasive surgery
  • Walk-in/Walk-out procedure

Is there any preparation involved before the procedure?

Prior to performing any vaginal treatments, you will have a comprehensive consultation with our physician.

The following conditions should be met before any treatment is undertaken.

  • Normal PAP smear within the last year (you should have this at your GP or gynaecologist before coming to see us)
  • No bladder /urine infection
  • Not pregnant
  • Not a heavy smoker
  • No chronic cough
  • Not a lifestyle with daily heavy lifting
  • Not obese, the best is a body-mass index (BMI) < 30
  • No menstrual bleeding at time of procedure
  • If diabetic, this should be under good control

What can I expect?

The procedure takes about 60 minutes which includes the consultation, consent and the actual treatment.

Depending on your circumstances, we may need to refer you for other investigations prior to the actual treatment.

A second follow up treatment is required 4 to 8 weeks after the first treatment.

Note that having the Incontilase treatment does not affect subsequent pregnancy and delivery.

What are the possible side effects?

It is generally painless. Some patients may experience mild pain, burning or itching sensation during treatment at the entrance to the vagina and /or vestibular area, however it is generally well tolerated and usually does not persist beyond 24 hours. No continuing or lasting post-treatment pain has been reported.

There will be mild swelling and redness of the treated area which should settle within 24 hours.

Is there any special after care advice?

No special after care or medication or special accessories is required.

The following activities should be avoided:

  • Take care to prevent trauma to the treated area
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse for five (5) to seven (7) days after treatment
  • Avoid heavy lifting and activities that increase pressure on the area for one month but otherwise resume usual activities
  • Refrain from inserting tampons into the vagina for two (2) weeks
  • Avoid activities that increase pressure on bladder and treatment area for one month such as heavy lifting
  • Prolonged periods of sustained exercise are not recommended for two (2) weeks 


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