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What's more attractive than full, luscious and kissable lips?

Many women (and men) would love to have soft supple lips. Improving the shape, volume or symmetry can make the lips more attractive and proportioned to the rest of your face. If you were born with thin, uneven lips, or have noticed that the fullness in them has diminished over the years, there are several types of lip augmentation treatments available.

cosmetic MD, we prefer to use dermal fillers to augment the lips. This provides a precisely controlled natural smooth result with less risk than the surgical methods (autologous fat transfer and silicone lip implant).

It is important to understand the significance of what the shape and size of the lips can contribute to the overall proportions and balance of the face. Fullness is important but so are shape and definition (clarity of the border between the red part of the lips and the skin).


What can Lip Augmentation do?

Depending on the amount and what product of dermal filler you use, the potential outcomes include:

• Increase Overall Lip Volume
• Fix Asymmetry
• Correct an Irregular Vermilion Border
• Smooth Out Fine Lines on & around the Lips
• Alter the Overall Shape of the Lips

What happens in the procedure?

Like any other dermal filler procedure, you will have a thorough consultation where we discuss your concerns and expectations, the risks, benefits and costs of the procedure, and take digital photographs.

It can be very uncomfortable to inject the lips without some means of numbing them first. We generally use topical anaesthetic cream or nerve blocks. Ice can sometimes be used but it is not as effective as anaesthetic. The dermal filler is manufactured in combination with local anaesthetic so once the dermal filler is in place, it will generally sit comfortably in the lips.

The lips will then be injected in regard to the previously agreed shape, size and definition required for a satisfactory aesthetic outcome.

Are there any side effects?

The commonest side effect is lip swelling. Some patients love the post lip augmentation swelling but for others the swelling is a deterrent as it seems too obvious that they had a filler injected.

Swelling is not actually a side effect but a natural tissue reaction to having a needle placed in it. The lips are a bit more sensitive to swelling, compared to other areas of the face, as they are are highly vascular. The morning after the treatment, you may find the lips to be a little more swollen than the day before, since dermal fillers have a high affinity for water.To help minimise the swelling you can apply cold packs at 20 minute intervals a few times through the day. You can also keep your head elevated at night by sleeping with more pillows.  In most cases the majority of swelling subsides within 2 days.

Another important side effect is that having a dermal filler injection in the lips may provoke an outbreak of cold sores in susceptible patients. If you readily develop cold sores in the lips, it may be advisable to commence prophylactic antiviral therapy prior to the procedure. This will be discussed at your consultation.

When will I see results?

You will notice the difference immediately. The lips will be plump and voluminous as soon as the treatment is done. There is some swelling, as noted above, so the final results take up to 2 weeks to see once all the swelling has decreased. Your follow-up appointment will be made for 2 weeks.

In some patients, the final result may not be a significant improvement over the baseline size of the lips. This is generally due to two main factors - firstly, the volume injected was not enough and thus more dermal filler is required; and secondly, the lips may swell rapidly during the injection which exaggerates the actual amount of volume enhancement from the initial dermal filler.

How much dermal filler is required?

The amount of dermal filler that is required depends on difference between the starting size and the intended final size. This is a different amount for different people. Generally, we place no more than 1 ml of dermal filler in the lips in one session. We then assess the final result at 2 weeks. If more is required, then further volume can be added at that time or afterwards.

How long do the results last?

The resultant volume enhancement will slowly fade over about 6 to 12 months. In younger patients, this may sometimes be less.

Can men have dermal fillers in their lips?

Absolutely! Both men and women can have their lips augmented. A good candidate is someone who is bothered by thin or asymmetrical lips.

Stacks Image 5865

This patient has a
naturally small mouth with thin lips.

Stacks Image 5870

After 1ml of dermal filler,
we have improved the lip size and shape
but it is not overdone.

Stacks Image 5898

This patient has full lips
and wanted subtle improvement.

Stacks Image 5903

After 1ml of dermal filler, the lips are slightly fuller,
more voluptuous and more defined.

Stacks Image 5931

This patient has full lips but
the upper lip is disproportionately
larger than the lower lip.

Stacks Image 5936

After 1ml of dermal filler in
both upper and lower lips,
there is a much better proportion and balance, yet
not too large to become unnatural.